Pako Litto Marseilles

Pako Litto was born in 2006 in Marseille and has evolved over the years, keeping its Mediterranean inspiration to become a feminine and timeless brand;

Listening to trends, the collections are made up of outfits adapted to women and their many facets to accompany them in all stages of their lives.

The Pako Litto look is easily recognizable with its range of products mixing femininity and urban relaxation.

By reinventing the basics, the brand has been able to differentiate itself by offering a wider range of models and colors each season.

The collection is entirely made in Italy, the brand promotes the recycling of products and materials and uses artisanal and more ecological treatment processes.

This season again, the Pako Litto wardrobe is full of novelties and will know how to satisfy you: silky plain or printed dresses, mixes of natural materials for new themes to die for, new 100% eco-responsible lines, the essential female costume declined in new colors to adopt without hesitation, or even our best sellers the printed blazers to associate with a colored chino…

In a few words, whether you are a woman, a girl, a coquette, a boy, a hard worker or a dreamer… Pako Litto knows how to dress up the story of each of us!