Yerse Barcelona

To think about Yerse is to think about tricot, having been a reference in knitwear for many years; since Lluís Generó y Domènech founded the label in 1964.

Through the development of processes and the introduction of new textures and materials, the label has diversified its lines of business into the 20th century. Offering whole collections of clothing and accessories for lively urban women looking for authenticity, attention to detail and careful selection of materials. Yerse, in the hands of Lluís Generó, creative director of the firm, continues to provide quality and creativity.

With a trajectory of more than 50 years behind them, without forgetting its origins as a family company, Yerse is nowadays a consolidated brand producing four collections a year. With more than 600 references that can be found in 1500 points of sale worldwide among own stores, multi brand stores and shop in shops in department