Hard-wearing. Casual. Versatile



Wash infrequently
Denim only needs washing a few times a year. Breaking in your raw jeans takes a little longer, so avoid washing these at least four to six months. In general, airing or spot cleaning with a sponge will refresh your denim nicely.

Hand-wash inside out
Cut back on wear and tear with a gentler washing process. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing. Simply soak for 30 minutes in 40°C water and rinse with temperate water.

Use mild, eco-labelled detergents
A mild detergent will help preserve colour and prevent fading. Use small amounts. Always look for an eco-label.

Hang to dry. Always
Tumble drying will wear down the fibres. Piece of friendly advice: Lay down an old towel to catch any dripping dye from new jeans.