Warm. Light, springy feel. Known for its irresistible, signature softness



Wash infrequently
Cashmere does not need washing after every wear. Instead, air out and spot clean in between wears.

Hand-wash with care
Use an organic cashmere detergent. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing. Gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat on a rack. Lay down a towel to absorb any drips. If you use the machine to wash your cashmere garment, wash cold (30°C or lower) and use a gentle, low spin setting.

Always air dry
Cashmere is an incredibly fast-drying fibre. And nothing does the job better than fresh air. Never use the dryer, as the heat can shrink and damage the fibres.

Remove lint and pilling
Cashmere is a soft and natural material and as such, regular use may cause lint and pilling to build up. To remove excess lint, gently brush your garments with a pilling comb or a sweater stone.

Fold and store flat
Avoid hanging your knitwear. The weight of the wool will stretch the garment out of shape. Instead, fold and store flat to keep the shape intact.